Cocoa Mango Amber Ale (in search of a name: Tru-Moo-Bru?)

24 Jun

Target: A drinkable Amber Ale with chocolate and fruit flavors, to make people go “hmmm…”, being not certain if they liked it.

Basis: Brewers Best American Amber kit. Steeped grains at 163, 20 min, drained for 10.  Back to a boil, added DME and LME, and 1/2 of kit’s bittering hops, back to a boil.  6 oz of Nestle’s cocoa powder (started with 4 and decided wth) at 45 min into boil, 1/2 oz of Willamette hops at 55 min. Cooled some, transferred to bucket, cooled some more.  Rehydrated yeast and 1 chopped, mashed mango to the bottom of the carbouy. Wort just under 90 when put in.  A little warm, but it was a warm day.

Tastes definitely of cocoa, even chocolately.  Cocoa didn’t seem to add as much bitterness as expected.

Initial gravity: 1.050
Final gravity: 1.011 @ 76 deg. F
Temp. corrected, 5.3% ABV

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  1. Scott Swanson

    July 23, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Racked to secondary today. Gravity of 1.010 for an ABV of 5.3% thus far. The cocoa is clearly present, though not in a bittering way, more in a smooth and chocolate-milk sort of way. The mango is a bit less present, which might be fixed through another addition of pureed mango. We’ll see what Bruce wants to do when he tastes the sample I’ll be delivering to him for just that purpose.


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